- On 21 March 2018, at 6PM, the book "Viaggio in Italia: racconto di un Paese difficile e bellissimo" will be presented at the bookstore "LaFeltrinelli". The Chapter about Parma was written by Franco Mosconi, Member of the CSEIA Council.

- On 20 March 2018, Alessandro Colombo, Full Professor of International Relations at the University of Milan, will deliver a keynote speech on the topic "Una comunità di sicurezza al bivio. Stati Uniti ed Europa nella crisi dell'ordine internazionale bipolare" (in Italian).

locandina COLOMBO_CSEIA_1.pdf
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- On 13 March 2018, presentation of the project the HumaniSea Challenge with Thomas Leclerc, visiting researcher at CSEIA.

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- Thursday 1st February 2018, CSEIA hosted the international workshop "Towards Increased Security? Legal Challenges for International Civil Aviation", organized by CSEIA, with the collaboration of the law firm Pirola, Pennuto, Zei & Associati (Milan).

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- On 20-21 November 2017 the University of Parma will host the international workshop "Opposing Europe? Anti-Europeanism, Euroscepticism, Populism and Radical Democracy". The workshop will take place in the Aula Magna of the University of Parma.



Locandina_Opposing Europe.pdf
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- On 14 November 2017, at 11h30, Professor Sergio Fabbrini, Full Professor of Political Sciences and International Relations and Director of the LUISS School of Government at the University LUISS Guido Carli of Rome, will deliver a keynote speech on the topic "Quale Unione Europea? Il progetto di integrazione dopo le crisi" (Aula dei Filosofi).



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- From Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th October 2017, the international conference "Neurosciences and the law: implications and perspectives" took place at the University of Parma (via Università 12). The conference was organized by the University Center of Bioethics (UCB),  the Center for Studies in European and International Affairs (CSEIA) and the Department of Law, Politics and International Studies of the University of Parma. The conference was convened to study the possible interplay between neurosciences and the law, with the aim of understanding how the developments in the neurosciences sector may impact on  traditional legal notions and how the law should react to these innovations. The overall goal was to identify, by adopting a compartive and inter-disciplinary approach, the intersections between neurosciences and the law and, at the same time, stress the importance of this dialogue.


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- On 20-21 November 2017, the University of Parma will host the international workshop “Opposing Europe? Anti-Europeanism, Euroscepticism, Populism and Radical Democracy”. The two-day event will feature three international keynote speakers and other notable experts on the topic. The workshop is open to the participation of young researchers, who are invited to submit an abstract by October 6th, 2017.


Call for papers

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- On 19 and 20 June 2017, the University of Parma hosted a workshop, open to the participation of young researchers, on the topic "New Technologies as Shields and Swords: Challenges for International, European Union and Domestic Law", co-organized by CSEIA and the online journal QIL (Questions of International Law). The programme of the workshop and the abstracts of the presentations are available on this website in the "Publications and documents" section. 


- From 5 to 9 June 2017 the summer school "Europe and Migrants" took place in Ventotene (Italy). The summer school has been organized by the Association Per l'Europa di Ventotene ONLUS, in cooperation, inter alia, with the Center for Studies in European and International Affairs. The summer school is open to students and young graduates in law, economics and social sciences. You can find the programme and leaflet below. 


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summer school Ventotene_programma.pdf
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- On 24 May 2017, at 5 PM, Massimo Cacciari, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele di Milano, delivered a speech titled "Europa senza utopie" (in Italian). The event is part of a more general initiative, promoted by CSEIA, aimed at celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the conclusion of the Rome Treaties.  

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- Final results of the procedure for the attribution of 4 scholarships of Euro 1,000 each to students enrolled in the II level "Master in Health, Environment and Food: European Law and Risk Regulation" (following the assessment of applications which took place on 9 February 2017)


Graduatoria finale Premi di Studio Maste
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- Roundtable on  Prof. Franco Mosconi's new book “The New European Industrial Policy – Global Competitiveness and the Manufacturing Renaissance” (Routledge, 2015) - 15th February 2017, 14h15, Polo didattico - Via Kennedy (Room K16). Speakers: Prof. Franco Mosconi (University of Parma); Ferruccio de Bortoli (Corriere della Sera); Andrea Pontremoli (Dallara Automobili); Ilaria Vesentini (Il Sole 24 Ore). The leaflet of the event is available here.



- The Center for Studies in European and International Affairs establishes 4 scolarships of 1,000 Euro each for students enrolling, for the a.y. 2016/2017, in the II level Master "Health, Environment and Food: European Law and Risk Regulation", organized by the Law Faculty of the University of Parma (deadline for enrollment: 23 November 2016).  You may find the call for applications on the webpage of the University of Parma.


- Workshop with José H. Fischel de Andrade, senior officer, UNHCR; lecturer of International Refugee and Human Rights Law, University of Milan, on the topic "The protection of refugees: policy and the law", an event organized within the course of international law (Prof. Cesare Pitea), 15 November 2016, 14h30, Aula D, via Università 12, Parma


- Keynote speech of Diana Agosti, Head of the Italian Department for European Policies, Monday 14 November 2016, 11.30, Aula Filosofi, Via Università 12, Parma (the speech will be in Italian)


- Inaugural lecture of the Degree Courses in Political Sciences a.y. 2016-2017, Ambassador Roberto Toscano, "The challenge of diversity in a globalized world", Wednesday 9 November 2016, 11h30, Aula Filosofi, Via Università 12, Parma (the inaugural lecture will be held in Italian)


- Inaugural conference of the Center for Studies in European and International Affairs on “Security and Data Protection”, Dr. Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor, 5 October 2016, 11.30AM, Aula Magna, Via Università 12, Parma


- Workshop “Risk Assessment and Communication in Food Safety and Nutrition”, 6 October 2016, 9.30AM, Auditorium, University Campus, Via delle Scienze, Parma